Security at Nuffsaid



Security embedded into our system

Security is built into the fabric of our cloud products, infrastructure, and processes, so you can rest assured that your data is safeguarded.

Google trusts only 67 companies with sensitive access to OAuth, and Nuffsaid is one of those companies.  Nuffsaid uses enterprise-grade security and regular audits to ensure you’re always protected. We undergo regular penetration testing and security reviews designed to be SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliant. This commitment to security is ingrained in our culture.

Application security

Data is encrypted in transit with TLS 1.2. Data is encrypted at rest with AES.
Continuous Monitoring
Independent third-party penetration, threat, and vulnerability testing.
Data Handling
Nuffsaid is in full compliance with GDPR and has support for data deletion.
User access controls with single sign on.
Secure Hosting
Nuffsaid’s cloud environments are backed by Google Cloud’s security measures.
Role based account access workflows.

Continuous security commitment

Penetration Testing
We perform an independent third-party penetration test at least annually to ensure that the security posture of our services is uncompromised.
Security Awareness Training
Our team members are required to go through employee security awareness training covering industry standard practices and information security topics such as phishing and password management.
Third-Party Audits
Our organization undergoes independent third-party assessments to test our security controls.
Roles and Responsibilities
Roles and responsibilities related to our information security program and the protection of our customer’s data are well defined and documented.
Information Security Program
We have an information security program in place that is communicated throughout the organization. Our information security program follows the criteria set forth by SOC 2 (and ISO 27001 soon).
Continuous Monitoring
We continuously monitor our security and compliance status to ensure there are no lapses.

Report vulnerabilities

Found a potential issue? Please help us by reporting it so we can fix it quickly.